Lister Fusion Shear Red Hero Image
Lister Fusion Shear Red Hero Image
Lister Fusion Shear Kit
Lister Fusion Shear Red Package
Lister Fusion® Shear

Wahl’s new Fusion Shear is the perfect solution for challenging shearing situations. The 13-tooth straight comb and cutter set easily removes hair and fleece on its first pass and doesn’t bog down – saving you time AND energy during those tough shearing jobs like rough shearing show lambs, shearing for production, clipping sale cattle, and general cattle fitting.

The Fusion Shear weighs 2.4 lbs, which is about the same as a pair of boots, and balances well in your hand making it easier to handle and comfortable enough to finish your shearing without having to put it down.

Ideal For: Rough Shearing Show Lambs, Production Shearing, Clipping Sale Cattle & General Cattle Fitting

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