KM5 Purple, Gumball Blue and Cotton Candy Pink Color Options
KM5 Purple Angled View
KM5 Cotton Candy Pink Angled View
KM5 Gumball Blue Angled View
KM5 Purple Front View
KM5 Cotton Candy Pink Front View
KM5 Gumball Blue Front View
KM5 Purple Kit Contents
KM5 Cotton Candy Pink Kit Contents
KM5 Gumball Blue Kit Contents
KM5 Purple Package Front
KM5 Cotton Candy Pink Package Front
KM5 Gumball Blue Package Front

Product Overview

Wahl’s KM5 is a 2-speed professional clipper ideal for students and grooming beginners. The KM5’s two speed options allow beginners to clip at their own pace while Wahl’s exclusive Constant Speed Control makes quick work of mats and thick patches by automatically kicking in the necessary torque to power through these tough situations. The KM5 housing rounds off at the top to allow hair to easily fall away for increased visibility on the blade and clipping area. Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand, the KM5 is lightweight (12.9 oz.), low vibration, and correctly balanced to prevent wrist fatigue for all day use. The grip surface provides control without sacrificing comfort.

Includes a #10 Ultimate Competition Series blade for faster, smoother clipping.

Product Application

  • Body clipping and trimming dogs, cats, horses, and livestock
  • Cutting through thick, coarse, and matted coats
  • Noise sensitive animals

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